September 23, 2004  ·  Lessig

So as I reported earlier, two people whose integrity I would not question told me that Bruce Lehman had told them that he, Lehman, was now advising the Kerry Campaign on IP policy. Now two people, whose integrity I would not question and who have direct connections to the campaign, tell me that is not correct. Let’s hope.

  • Decnavda

    So then I take it that it is Lehman’s integrity we are to question?

  • raoul

    The integrity of political campaigns are probably worthy of question by default.

  • Question Mark

    It’s time to question the questions of the questioners. Who is questioning whom, and will any of these questions ever be answered? It’s a big question, and we’re all waiting for the answers, or failing that, more questions. Soon we will certainly have something.

  • Mojo

    These contradictory, unattributed, third-person statements just demonstrate once again that Kerry is a flip-flopper.

  • Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Or, it could be that these two people are flip-flopper
    as well. If Kerry says that Bruce Lehman is advising
    his campaign on IP policy, these two people would flip-flop
    his statement and say that that is not correct.

    Perhaps, they need to stop windsurfing.


    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions
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