September 3, 2004  ·  Lessig

The UK Parliamentary Office on Science and Technology is preparing a POST note on ‘Open Source’. (No, I didn’t know what a POST note is exactly either, but check it out here.) The author is looking for helpful comments. I’ve created a temporary email address for David Berry. You can send him comments at that address for a week.

  • Branko Collin

    Lawrence, how do you feel about discussing with foreigners the way their laws and government should work? There’s little to no ‘copyfight’ discussion on Dutch blogs, so I am left little choice as to where to discuss whose law, but it still feels a bit to me like I am meddling. For instance, I would have liked having a stronger voice in discussing the recent term extension with Australians, but that felt like meddling, especially as no-one from that land (that I talked to) seemed to be remotely interested in the subject.

    On the other hand, copyright is something that seems to be primarily defined on a global scale by extra-governmental orginizations (think WIPO), that is, it affects us all; and by joining the discussion, I might add fresh insights.

    On a related note, I saw that you had been to Amsterdam for the introduction of the Dutch Creative Commons licenses earlier this year. Were there any things that struck you as particularly peculiar about Dutch copyright law and the way it is implemented and enforced?