August 22, 2004  ·  Tim Wu

This is the end of my stewardship of the Lessig Blog. It has been a pleasure to meet many of you and I thank you for reading the web-log in Larry’s absence.

For the rest of the year you can find me either on the 7th floor of Columbia Law School, where I am a visiting professor, or back in Charlottesville/Washington DC. My email address can easily be found using a google search, which is probably why I get so much junk mail. I also have a lousy web site which stores much of my written work and other information.

Our next guest is Richard Posner. Mr. Posner works for the federal government, and enjoys writing, oral argument, and demolishing fields of study. He is fond of animals of most stripes and once owned a horse named “King.” Mr. Posner’s favorite film is the critically-maligned comedy Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag. He lives in Chicago.

Please join me in welcoming our guest to what promises to be a very interesting week.

  • Branko Collin

    Thank you, it was fun.

  • Seth Finkelstein

    Good job, and thanks for all the excellent posts (and the mention of me earlier!).

  • Firas

    Thanks! Your posts were interesting (both content and style of writing), especially the way they spliced across subject areas. Maybe a permanent Wu Blog in the future?

  • Adina Levin

    Thanks. Your posts were interesting, and the discussion was fun. Please consider an ongoing Wu Blog.

  • a&w

    Great job, Prof Wu! But *Mr.* Posner?!