August 8, 2004  ·  Tim Wu

I’m pleased to remind everyone that Congressman Rick Boucher will be running the Lessig Blog this week. Rep. Boucher is a hero to many for his opposition to the DMCA and authorship of the Digital Media Consumer Rights Act. And yes this is a Virginia conspiracy.

I will return next week, and special guest Judge Richard Posner will close out the month, starting August 23. Goodbye till then, and thanks for all the comments and feedback.

  • Seth Finkelstein

    D-M-C-*R*-A! D-M-C-*R*-A!

  • Alexander Wehr

    I would like to personally express my pleasure at having the ability to gain more insight into Rep. Boucher’s positions.

    I would like to take a moment to thank the representative for his work to restore fair competition and fair use via H.R. 107, but i would like to ask his personal opinion on its prospects of it becoming law.

    Of particular concern is the extremely pro-content leaning of the senate, and the vows of opposition from people who have received hundreds of thousands of media lobby dollars in the judiciary committee.

    Their speech in reaction to the bill, however, i find funny. They speak of copyright as being “balanced”, when DRM combined with the DMCA allows the content creators to bypass congressional authority and directly regulate consumer electronics.

    Any economist could immediately see the inherent imbalance and danger of placing a large sector of our economy under the regulatory control of it’s enemies.

  • Tom Barger

    Great job and thanks, Professor Wu.

    On May 12, 2004, Congressman Boucher convened an impressive panel of experts to discuss the DMCRA. For video highlights of the hearings please look at:

    Audio of Phil Leigh’s interview with Boucher here:

  • peio

    Thank you prof. Wu, It has been a pleasure to read your entries!
    May I ask you if you maintain a personal blog and if you do – would you share it’s address.

    Thank you once again