• http://dmusic.com Tom Barger

    Watching the Induce Videos closely, Congressman Hatch asks Gary Shapiro to spend the month of August and come back with suggested legislation that fixes “the problem of P2P.”

    Hatch’s mind seems to drift and he doesn’t quite grasp to what purpose Mr. Shapiro heartily and quickly agrees: to whit, to codify the Betamax decision! Which would strengthen fair use. Congressman Hatch of course is carrying water for the entertaiment industry, whose fondest wish is to kill Betamax.

    A music lawyer on pho list said something to the effect, “if the Induce Act irritates you all so much, why don’t you show us how you would amend it?”

    The response that came back resoundingly was “There is no way to put lipstick on a pig and take it home to Mother.”

    I say unto you, brethren, why are you trying to amend the Induce Act?

    It is impossible to define the crime of “inducing someone.” File this in the category of very bad law.

  • Joseph Pietro Riolo

    I think that no matter how we word Induce Act, it
    will not stop shrinking the boundaries of legal
    ways that we currently enjoy (and enjoyed in the
    past). I know for sure that Senator Hatch has
    accomplished what he wants: We have become his
    pawns. We are now feeding him what he wants. No
    matter what form Induce Act will be, it will
    continue to expand in the future. That is what
    Senator Hatch wants. There is no more turning

    It seems that the most appropriate way to answer the
    problem is not to have Induce Act at the first place
    (better to have no law than to have bad law, in other
    words). Of course, that seems to be very unlikely.

    That’s very unfortunate.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions
    in this comment in the public domain.