• ogw-iii

    Hell yeah he is! It would appear that the democrats have finally learned the lesson regarding minority running mates. That is, they lose you the election, as opposed to slipping in a woman or any non-white into a position that could put either in the presidency. Aside from that, Edwards has the young attractive thing as well. It really is a shame those things matter.

  • Ed Lyons

    In the 20th century, VPs tended to be inconsequential during elections (with the exception of Kennedy-Johnson) and unimportant during administrations (with the exception of Bush-Cheney).

    I suppose Kerry’s campaign staff (who have really done a great job lately) figure that Edwards’ charisma and admirers in the press will help the ticket be more attractive overall, rather than gain a decisive advantage in a single state (as Vilsack or Richardson might have.)

    But since Edwards gave the best guest-blogging performance here on Professor Lessig’s blog – I am happy that he was chosen. :-)

  • http://alweed2004.com VA5thDem

    Now we need to start concentrating on winning back congress. One place that we can win is Virginia’s 5th district, currently represented by a vulnerable fanatic, Virgil Goode (thegoodereport.com), who’s being challenged by Al Weed (alweed2004.com), a progressive veteran and farmer. The House is within our grasp, check out Al Weed!

  • Matthew Saroff

    who’s being challenged by Al Weed (alweed2004.com), a progressive veteran and farmer.

    A farmer named WEED. Heh!

    Almost, but not quite, up to the level of former New Hampshire congressman, and ambassador, Dick Wax.

  • Rob

    In Congressional District 32 in Texas, where I live, current CD24 Representative Martin Frost is running against Republican incumbent and redistricting beneficiary Pete Sessions. 32 makes kind of a crescent around downtown Dallas, sticking to the North and West sides then curving back under to cover part of minority Southeast Dallas. Amazing that I, in the northeast part of Dallas county, will be represented by the same person who represents part of the southwestern part of the county. It’s a classic gerrymandered district.

  • http://oknarb.web-log.nl Branko Collin

    Edwards is a Democrat. That means he is against the public domain and for unfettered control for the large publishers, at the cost of basic civil rights. I really don’t understand your enthusiasm.

  • http://the-goddess.org/blog/index.html Morgaine Swann

    Now I can relax and put all of my energy into this ticket. I was so afraid it would be Gephardt. I’m thrilled it’s Edwards. At least he knows some poor people! Too many of these guys have no real concept of money.

  • Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Commenting on Branko Collin’s comment.

    It is not hard to understand why there is high
    enthusiasm. The goal is to get rid of Bush. In
    order to do that, the issues relating to intellectual
    property rights must take back seat. Even if John
    Kerry wants to add another 30 years to copyright term,
    people still vote him.

    According to the third bullet in http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/tech/,
    it seems that John Kerry wants to add more protections
    for intellectual property rights and to strengthen
    these rights, contrary to the principles of open and
    public domain (free) knowledge.

    The difficult choice in choosing the lesser evil from
    two evils is no stranger to politics.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions
    in this comment in the public domain.

  • kevin lyda

    harping on my favourite topic: register to vote!

    american citizen? register to vote.
    live overseas? register here.

    florida voters – make sure you haven’t been struck from the voting
    lists. check for your name here.

  • aj

    Why is the goal solely to get rid of Bush? Shouldn’t we be voting on hard FACTS and ISSUES? Has John Kerry presented any facts that will lead us to the “promised land” other than having the U.N and France formulate our foreign policy for us?

    All too often I think people vote on EMOTION instead of ISSUES! So far, Kerry hasn’t given me anything I haven’t heard from every other POLITICIAN!!

  • http://www.cs.duke.edu/~justin/ Justin

    All too often I think people vote on EMOTION instead of ISSUES!

    You mean when people make wild misrepresentations like

    Has John Kerry presented any facts that will lead us to the �promised land� other than having the U.N and France formulate our foreign policy for us?

  • oldmacfan

    Edwards is much less a brilliant choice than he is the obvious choice. I am a fan of Edwards, but find little to like about Kerry.

  • http://kandent.com Chris Capoccia

    I�m more interested in Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party.

  • J.B. Nicholson-Owens

    You give up far too easily or your standards are too low if your only goal is to get rid of Bush. Kerry agrees with him on major issues of public prominence (for instance the invasion of Iraq and the USA PATRIOT act). So you’ll at best get rid of Bush, the man, but the policies that have been with the US for so long will continue to cost this country billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Bush versus Kerry still strikes me as a false dichotomy — rewarding the Democrats for allowing the Republicans to be so bad and in some instances going along with horrible policies.

  • Madelaine

    Well, at least someone tried to shed some light on the situation. Personally, I like Kerry and Edwards and I think they’ll win. Yippee.

  • http://retroproxy.blogdrive.com/ retroproxy

    Did ‘Junk Science’ make John Edwards Rich? Might be good to find out before electing him Veep. Check out: http://www.cnsnews.com/Politics/Archive/200401/POL20040120a.html

  • Jeff

    I’d like to see Edwards, man of the people, explain why he created a corporation to shield his earnings and avoid paying $500+K in Medicare taxes. These taxes fund healthcare for the poor and elderly, in the ‘other’ America. Shame on you John Edwards.