June 5, 2004  ·  Lessig

Michael Tucker sent this link to a film he’s making about the war in Iraq. “It includes two video clips that I think your readers will appreciate, no matter what their views on the war.” Favorite quote from a soldier: “For y’all this is just a show, but we live in this movie.”

And I can’t believe there isn’t any conservative remixes out there. Really?

  • Steve

    Here’s a conservative political take-off on Mastercard’s “priceless” commercial series. It’s not a remix of Mastercard per se, but utilizes their “priceless” theme in its portrait of Senator Kerry.

  • http://richpizor.livejournal.com Rich Pizor

    This may be an oversimplification, but it seems to me that the entire conservative ideology is one that would not support remix culture. Remixing by definition means a) illegally appropriating copyrighted work, and b) using it creatively to create new meaning.

    This is not to suggest that conservatives aren’t creative; that’d be mean-spirited as well as flying in the face of reality. But the creativity demonstrated by most conservatives I’ve ever been aware of is more in the spirit of supporting the status quo. Since remixing by definition is outside that, it seems fundamentally inconsistent with the conservative world view as I understand it.

  • Don Greico

    The Protest Warrior guys make some videos, and I guess you mean the Brain Terminal videos also.

    They aren’t remixes really, but at least it shows some budding conservatives using video media. There weren’t any before.

  • http://www.fudco.com/chip Chip Morningstar

    Actually, when I looked at the Protest Warrior site, I was looking at their posters. They do a lot of clip art stuff, including some things incorporating art from classic WWII propaganda posters. Sounds like building on the the cultural commons to me…