• http://wolog.net/ Ping

    It’s a nice little product. But i really don’t understand why Apple didn’t go all the way and include an FM transmitter so you could really get wireless music on your stereo.

  • Fred Blasdel

    Hey Lessig, don’t post links to the apple store. Only you have the cookie that goes along with your store session. Apple keeps track of the way you navigate their store’s website, just like they do in their retail stores, only without the creepy cameras tracking your every move.

    Post a link to the product reference page next time, it’s usually more descripive anyway…

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    [Not related to the Apple Product] Thought you might be interested in the grandson of James Joyce not allowing public readings of Ulysses on the centenary celebration of Bloomsday.

    Stephen Joyce, the grandson and last surviving relative of the writer, has caused consternation by declaring that any public reading of what is regarded as the most influential novel of the 20th century will be a breach of copyright and cannot go ahead without permission and payment.

    The full article is here.

  • Anonymous

    What does Steve (Jobs) pay you? Also in your Wizards of OS talk, there was lots of Apple advertising ;)

  • Anonymous Copyfighter

    Cool idea, proprietary implementation. This device only accepts encrypted Apple Lossless streams.

    So much for Apple supporting open standards.

  • Bob

    Unfortunately, I think Apple is being strong-armed by the record labels – in order to preserve the iTunes music store, Apple has had to accept a number of unfortunate and user-hostile design compromises that reduce the functionality of of their hardware and software! For example, you can’t easily copy music from an iPod *into* iTunes. And, they just cut the number of CD burns you can do. And they are cracking down on software to strip the DRM, even though iTunes can do it itself (although it’s less convenient and requires transcoding.) iTunes should have the capability to record internet radio, but it doesn’t. You should be able to copy – or at least stream – music to your buddies in iChat, but you can’t. iTunes music sharing over the internet was implemented but then progressively limited and locked down. Similarly, the encryption of audio streams is rather pointless for most people – it doesn’t qualify as a feature unless you really are afraid that someone will find out that you listen to Avril Lavigne…

  • Anonymous Copyfighter

    FairPlay: Another Anticompetitive Use of DRM

    “On a panel a few weeks ago, I asked the head lawyer for Apple’s iTunes Music Store whether Apple would, if it could, drop the FairPlay DRM from tracks purchased at the Music Store. He said “no.” I was puzzled, because I assumed that the DRM obligation was imposed by the major labels on a grudging Apple.”

  • http://greggman.com gman

    What’s the cool part? I must have missed that

  • BirdFace

    Also, Apple is the standard for the music production industry.