• Thien

    I think DJ Spooky will be recorded in history as one of those great musical thinkers and innovaters of his time if he keeps going the way he’s going. It’ll be like learning about Miles Davis in Jazz History :)

    He was at the U of Oregon a couple weeks ago, but unfortunately I could not attend. Did remind me to find a copy of his talk at the Creative Commons launch though.

  • http://www.thedigitalstate.net Chris Carella

    Paul’s rhythmic free form prose is reminiscent of a modern day Jack Kerouac. The book’s content is a beautifully crafted commentary on the social factors that influence electronic music.

  • carla k.

    umm, hate to break up the party, but most people I know who have heard his “music” find it unlistenable. I would have to agree. he talks a good game, but far as I can see, it’s all talk, not much actually inspiration or creativity. I even heard from a pretty good source that he got the idea for this book after seeing David Bryne’s powerpoint book. hustler of culture…