July 26, 2003  ·  Lessig

So after the FUD about the FEC, EFF’s Marc Perkel has volunteered to host lessig.org and my blog. Thanks to all things EFF and especially Marc, and thanks to Jake Wachman and Patrick Berry for the extraordinary effort moving the site. Please update your links, if you want to keep following the thread, to http://lessig.org/blog, and RSS is here.

More on the FEC after I catch up, but thanks to Marc, Jake and Patrick again.

  • Ugh

    volokh.com questions the idea that you hosting Dean somehow violates law and/or FEC regulations, and that if it does, such a law/reg would be unconsitutional, any thoughts? My guess is that it has more to do with the tax-exempt status of LSJU than FEC rules.

  • http://slicedbread.dnsalias.net Dan

    Regardless of both the good professor’s and Dean’s disclaimers, I think I can be forgiven for still percieving, in a gut way, this to be an endorsement of at least the candidate’s character if not his platform. Which has, admittedly, only worked in his favor; part of the respect I hold for Lessig does then extend to him. But it is, I think, somewhat dishonest to expect us not to emotionally associate this with an endorsement, even if intellectually we know it not to be.

  • d

    And let me add that Marc Perkel is a notorious fruitbag. For your own sake, please keep offsite backups and be prepared to move servers quickly if his poor technical skills turn out to expose your site to the whims of defacers.