July 12, 2003  ·  Lessig

So one of the million things I’ve not had time to do while finishing this draft (answering a b’gillion emails is another) was to listen to this. As I described before, Colin Mutchler posted a guitar track to Opsound. Opsound makes its content available to others under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license. Cora Beth, a 17 year old violinist, took the track and added a violin track. The result is this.

As Brian Flemming commented on the post, “a great way to illustrate the value of CC to someone who perhaps doesn�t quite get it.” Indeed it is. Listen to this, and you’ll can’t help but get it.

  • http://www.slumdance.com/blogs/brian_flemming/ Brian Flemming

    17 years old?

    now it’s even more impressive.

  • http://biogeek04.tripod.com/journal2.html allan

    It is a great piece of music, and I must agree that its a perfect example of what CC can do.

  • http://electricgypsy.iuma.com Shmoo

    Excellent tune! Great example of how CC is in spirit the way to go with regard to copyright laws. If we are going to call something “intellectual property” in our society, then the creator(s) are the only ones who should have a say in where or how a work is used/distributed… not the RIAA or some corportate middleman taking advantage of the current copyright laws via DMCA to steal the art/speech from the people!

    Support local and independent music!

  • http://creativecommons.org Glenn Otis Brown

    We should also thank OpSound‘s Sal Randolph for making things like this happen. CC needs more community-building pioneers like her to succeed.

    Watch her site — hundreds of sounds and songs licensed. More good things are sure to happen.

  • http://slashdot.org/journal.pl?op=display Jan Theodore Galkowski

    This URL shows a recent example on how using litigation as a tool of media business has gone completely nuts. Owning musical chords?!

  • Seth Milliken

    Jan, note that that URL is not actually MTV, nor does the link to Metallica’s site actually link to Metallica’s site. This is satire.