• Steven Edwards

    Howard Dean is definitely the candidate to beat at this point in the election, IMO. Being a site somewhat related to technology and “open” software, I was curious as to what Dr. Dean thought about the future of Linux et al [FreeBSD, etc] in regards to their use in the Federal Government. More specifically, if you think it would be a viable option for everday use?


  • http://www.realhistoryarchives.com Lisa Pease

    Given Dean’s campaign’s use of the Internet and blog technology, this seems an appropriate forum to hear his views on the Internet and copyright issues. I had the privilege of hearing Larry Lessig speak in Seattle several months ago, and would love to hear Dean’s answers to the questions already being posed here. I’m already a Dean supporter 1000%, but I like to understand his views so I can help explain them to others. This is an area I don’t know much about regarding Dean so it will be informative and instructive.

    (Click my name to get to my Real History Archives site–and from there to my published book–or go to my Dean blog at http://deanstherealdeal.blogspot.com to learn more about me, she says in a shameless triple plug…)

  • Jonathan in GA

    We have good ideas that Dean should consider.

    Several of us have suggested a permenant forum for us to make recommendations on everything from cool catchphrases to VP possibilities.

    Thank you, Dean, for reading these blogs. We can help you by supplying bright ideas.

    Open the forum, and we’ll help you beat the Goofball-in-Chief.

    Jonathan in GA

  • Lloyd

    Congrats on your get from the right. Unlike Rove & co., I don’t think Dean would necessarily be a cakewalk for Bush, though there is the obvious parallel with McGovern. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of Dean in the WH is scary, but I think he’s tougher and smarter than McGovern, and not as much of a kneejerk on policy as most perceive. Also, watched The Wire last night and you’re a dead ringer for the union boss guy, without the facial hair anyways.

    Back to Dean, it seems to me that if he plays it right, the nomination may actually be his to lose. Thats a big if though. It strikes me that his temperament, like with Russert, will get him in trouble at some point, and he’ll have to walk a pretty fine line between throwing enough bombs to excite the currently bloody minded Dem base without royally pissing off the 60-70% of the national general electorate that he needs to make inroads with.

  • http://mcgroarty.livejournal.com Brian McGroarty

    I have to admit that I don’t know the first thing about Governor Dean, though I have been reading Lawrence’s weblog for some time. I look forward to the chance to learn more.

    This is an excellent use of the ‘net, which is the primary media outlet for myself and many others. The internet has too long been treated as yet another place to hand out (virtual) brochures and air one-way commercials. I hope a few other candidates take a cue from this and learn to interact with us more directly.

  • DSilv

    This is aside from the IP issue, but an issue that I thik would be interesting none the less. What if Dean came out in favor of lowering the national drinking age from 21 to 18. I think you would see young people come out to vote like never before. And even though Dean does not accept soft money, those alchol distributors have pretty deep pockets. And when you think about it, who is really opposed to this? Almost everywhere else in the western world the drinking age is atleast 18. Probably too dangerous an issue to attch himself to, but I would love to see Dean try it.

    Thanks for guest blogging. I too agree that it is an excellent forum for presentation of your ideas. I truly hope that you will extend this effort to several blogs across the “blogsphere”.

  • JT Palmer

    The past several presidential elections I have had difficulty choosing a canidate with whom I can relate. I am proud to say that I did NOT vote for Bush and my reasons are now relevant as seen in the news and current state of the economy.

    Many people would say that I wasted my vote by voting Green, but this election I have decided to everything in my power to oust our current “hail-to-the-thief”.

    This election I am advertising my support for Howard Dean to friends and family so that we won’t have to deal with Bush for another 4 years.

    PS –

    -Like many people on this Blog, I am curious about Dean’s views on Intelectual Properties (ie – patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dresses, etc.) and the threats of the RIAA against small budgeted individuals who are forced to settle out of court.

    -How does he feel about the idea of patented human genomes and patents reguarding information encoded within DNA…Is it right for a corporation to own the decifered codes or is it ultimately everyone’s right to that inherent information?

    Granted it cost millions to unravel the codes and decifer the information, but is it correct to let some corporation own a monopoly on what many believe to be public domain…kinda like the “public” air waves that are tightly regulated by the FCC (bastards).

    -Lastly I am curious about his views on Stem Cell Research. Most candidates won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole (understandably).

    I assume as a doctor he would acknowledge the great deal of information we would be able to gain from stem cell development and the ultimate positive result on the entire human population.

  • Andy

    I believe that the drinking age limit is actually a state issue. Just no state chooses to pick anything other than 21 because of lobbying by MADD, and not wanting to lose federal funding for roads…

  • JT Palmer

    Welcome to the Blog and thanks posting

  • Jamie Zirkle


    I can help with this one.

    �I will fully fund our ability to do stem cell research based on medical facts — not religious ideology.�

    Speech: Governor Howard Dean, M.D.s Health Care Plan For America

  • JT Palmer

    Sweet … there should be complete seperation of religion and government

  • John

    So, when is Dean going to post on this blog ?
    I have been checking it all day :)

  • http://blogs.salon.com/0001137/ Dave Cullen


    If you’re interested in staying up-to-date on News coverage of Dean, I maintain a site linking and archiving all the major news stories (about 3 dozen) each day/night.

    It’s called “NEWS COVERAGE OF DEAN” (formerly “Media on Dean”) at:


    Each entry lists the paper/wire/station, headline, key text and link.

    Latest entries in the past hour include Howie Kurtz: “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” MSNBC presenting both “The Democrats ‘ Iraq opportunity,” and in another piece asking, “Is Democratic presidential contender Rep. Dennis Kucinich more of a blessing or a curse for his rival Howard Dean?”

  • Cliff Frensley

    As someone normally labeled “hard lefty”, I will support (and volunteer for active participation in) a Dean candidacy, despite the sometimes differences between his positions and mine, as long as Dean continues to rock the boat and – this is very important – so long as Dean continues to *expose* Bush whenever Bush is dishonest.

    Anything is better than another stale bottle of DNC Republican Lite.

  • Anonymous

    Do you really think that Dean will be posting and not some summer intern flunky?

  • http://www.happyvalleyasylum.com/ratched/ Nurse Ratched

    I converted to Dean supporter back in March and have made numerous blog entries supporting him. However, I, too, would like to know Dean’s stance regarding copyright issues and hear more about his plans regarding alternative energy sources such as wind, solar power, and biomass conversion.

  • Kelli

    It’ll definitely be Dean himself posting here. It’s too important a campaign move to blow it off. Dean, unlike SOME candidates (*ahem* Lieberman *ahem*) really understands the importance of using internet technologies such as blogs, that people use on a daily basis to gain information and express themselves. (Lieberman blew off Moveon.org’s questionaire before their preliminary primary–a LOUSEY move that showed his ineptitude regarding today’s modern media.) How many candidates have YOU seen posting on major blogs? (And that’s an honest question, if you have seen some, I’d like to know.)

  • Judd

    Gov. Dean on energy: he favors expanded alternative energy as one of the key elements in his plan to establish true national security. In a Denver, CO speech I attended last month, he spoke passionately about the huge untapped resource of wind and solar energy that could help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Rob

    Posting on Lessig’s blog is an important campaign move? Maybe to the relatively small number of people who read/post here, but not to the country at large. It’s great that he or someone from his campaign will be posting here though.

    If Dean gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him. But I live in Texas so my vote doesn’t count. Bush will beat whoever runs against him here, handily.

  • Alex


    “If Dean gets the nomination, I�ll vote for him. But I live in Texas so my vote doesn�t count. Bush will beat whoever runs against him here, handily”

    Tell that to the 2000+ people who rallied for Dean in Dallas yesterday, or the hundreds who gather all across Texas every month for the meetup get-togethers.

    I had the remarkable opportunity to meet the Governor in Houston yesterday. He is the real deal.

  • http://baylink.pitas.com Jay R. Ashworth

    For me, as someone who spends quite a bit of time in the mostly self-congratulatory forums of the official campaign weblog (and a communications wonk for a local campaign/meetup organizing committee), it will be interesting to see if the comments here — being more politically balanced — will bear out my common perception that the right wing gets rant-y much faster as you spread out than the left wing does. :-)

    I’m looking forward, actually, to some thoughtful anti-Dean-stance commentary. Let’s see if I find any. :-)

    – jra
    Communications Wonk
    Steering Committee
    Pinellas For Dean
    Pinellas County, FL

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    It’ll definitely be Dean himself posting here

    How will you know? And does it really count as “himself” if he just cut-and-pastes the prepared text from a speech-writer? Let me repost something I wrote in the previous thread (minor edits):

    Hmm … “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” … or a presidential candidate?

    How do we know it’s really Howard Dean, and not a Dean campaign staffer?
    (after all, letters from many officeholders, are really by their staff)

    I’ve gotten very cynical since “Aimee Deep”

    I’m reminded of a Heinlein book (Double Star), where a candidate is kidnapped, and his staff temporarily covers it up by replacing the candidate with an actor. It works so well that they decide to ask the actor take over as the candidate. The actor objects that he’s not qualified. The staff argues in reply that it doesn’t really matter, since the candidate is just the public face of the campaign organization anyway.

  • Dana Powers

    Whats with the annoying boldface font? Seth… is that you? ;)

  • Joe Buck

    The reason you’ll know that it is Dean is that his staff promised that it would be him repeatedly, and that if they then lie, it would leak, causing severe damage to the campaign for no reason.

  • Ben Tucker

    As a Vermonter I have had lots of experience with Dean and met him many times. He’s a good guy with good ideas and I really think of all the candidates he has the best chance at beating bush. The funny thing is when Dean was Govenor here he was considered a conservative democrat (shows where VT politics are in relation to the rest of the country).

    It should also be noted (haven’t really seen a lot of this in the national press yet), that Dean’s last budget (2002 fiscal year) left the state with a $10.4 million surplus which is pretty impresive I think.

  • polink

    Just to avoid confusion with Lessig, I think each guest post should say who its author is.

    This is a fine issue to start with. The controversy about certain electronic voting machines, four of which have declared Republicans winning with exactly 18,181 votes, some of which have no paper trail and no auditing process, and none of which are up to government standards for security, will probably also be an issue, as Dean has mentioned it several times.

    I do hope he addresses IP law and especially file sharing, however.

  • Sally Pina

    Rob – I will admit it won’t be easy for DEAN to win in Texas – I grew up in Houston and I know Texas politics. However, as Alex pointed out, not only were there 2000+ people in Dallas cheering DEAN on, but he has support in Houston and San Antonio, too! I know that for a fact because I have a parent in each of those places and they are avid DEAN supporters. Rather than a negative spin, why not invoke the ‘power of positive thinking’ and do all you can to change people’s minds when you hear, “Dean can’t win in Texas.”? Show them to his web site or hand them a flyer on the issues. The worst they can do is say no, but I bet there are as many pissed off people in Texas as there are in other states across this country. They are just to scared to say anything until they see others speaking out. Show them to Dean’s door – it’s an open one, not closed…

    GO DEAN!

  • Rob

    Sally Pina said:

    I bet there are as many pissed off people in Texas as there are in other states across this country. They are just to scared to say anything until they see others speaking out.

    I’m not saying Dean will get shut out in Texas. He just has no hope of winning. The Latino vote is solidly in Bush’s camp because he’s friends with Vicente Fox, rural Texans love him ’cause he blew up Afghanistan and Iraq, big business suburbanites love him because he gives them tax cuts…where’s Dean going to pull a majority from?

    First you’re going to have to change MY mind about “Dean can’t win in Texas”. Because I don’t believe it can happen.

  • Thumb

    Posting on Lessig’s blog is an important campaign move? Maybe to the relatively small number of people who read/post here, but not to the country at large. by Rob

    But this is what makes Dean different from normal politicians in the same way that Sam Walton [Wal-Mart] was different from normal shop-keepers: They really do stop and listen to what the people, real people, have to say and not just rely on what a small handful of professional pollsters and public relations consultants think real people think (of course this unpolished edge drives some people nuts but many, many others find refreshing). Like many successful self-made individuals he seems to have an inherent understanding that you must meet/interact/understand your public audience on a micro level to achieve macro success.

    So yes, Posting on Lessig’s blog is an important campaign move, just not in a way you’re understanding.

  • Jonathan in GA

    Election Strategy

    1. Energize base in liberal states (Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin, West Cost, New England, New York)

    2, Fight HARD in tossup states (Missouri/Illinois/Pennsylvania/Michigan/Florida/

    3. Hope to squeak by on a few small states that are tossups (Arizona, New Mexico, etc.)

    4. Win the state your VP comes from (hopefully a decently sized, moderate-to-conservative state)

    5. Cause enough damage in highly republican states (Texas, Lousiana, etc.) that George Bush has to divert resource.
    This one is critical. Al Gore never campaigned in the deep south, and Bush didn’t have to spend a penny here.

    Dean can carry his moderate message to poor whites and blacks in rural Georgia. He may not carry the state, but he can win 45%.

    That’s all you need to do, Dr. Dean!

  • http://baylink.pitas.com Jay R. Ashworth

    And, unlike some previous candidates, I’m expectin’ the Doc will take his home state. ;-)
    – j

  • Alan in Seattle

    for the posters wondering about drinking age:

    Yes, it is a state law thing not federal, BUT some years back the feds told the states they had to raise the limit to 21 or lose all fed highway funding. I am originally from New Orleans where attitudes about drinking are considerably more liberal than in many other places and I remember when the drinking age was raised (mid–late 80′s) at the feds insistence. Also, any boost in support from 18–21 year olds would (IMHO) be more than offset by the ire and backlash from MADD and other interest groups.

  • Felix Deutsch


    The Latino vote is solidly in Bush�s camp because he�s friends with Vicente Fox [...]

    Oh really, is he?

    What about immigration? The row about Iraq? Talk of “punishing” Mexico? Trying to break up Mexico’s nationalized oil business?

    Yeah, right.