• http://home.telepath.com/~hrothgar Timothy Phillips

    Supposedly the numbers of registered works come from
    the records of the copyright office, but I wish they had so

    The number of registrations, of course, is not the same as the
    number of works: A dozen songs registered as a “song book”
    will be 12 songs promoted to the public domain once the
    copyright expires. On the other hand, a compilation of
    public domain stories registered as a “compilation” in
    theory doesn’t take any of the individual stories out of the
    public domain.

    But while counting the number of registrations isn’t the same
    as counting the number of works, I have no better method
    to offer.

    Qualitatively the shape of their no-extensions-since-1963
    curve seems to lie between the predictions of my
    constant authorship per year model:


    and my constant authorship per capita per year model:


  • http://fortboise.org/blog/ Tom von Alten

    I’m sorry, but it doesn’t qualify as a “great graf” with a non-zero baseline that makes a factor of 2 look like a factor of 3. The facts are compelling; twisting them only weakens one’s case.