• http://home.telepath.com/~hrothgar Timothy Phillips

    My ‘druthers would be for a repeal of the CTEA. In fact, I would like to see a revision of the Berne convention to reduce the Berne term from life+50 down to life+35 years.

    But despite my mixed feelings on this measure, I plan to sign the petition later today.

    Do the rules of the House of Representatives provide for the reading of petitions and memorials before the whole house early in the order of the day’s business ? Does the petittion have to follow a required format in order to qualify as a “petition or memorial” under these rules, assuming the rules exist ?

  • http://www.bbcity.co.uk Tom Morris

    I signed. Although I knew that copyright terms were way too long, it was only whilst reading Future of Ideas (which I’ve been dipping in to whilst taking a break from law exam revision) how utterly insane it’s got.

    Unfortunately there is probably not an easy way to wrap this issue up in to a 5-word slogan that Joe Public can digest. Not like “They can’t take our guns!” or “Saddam’s got nukes!”, which means that political change is unlikely to do anything. Good luck, hope a few more people sign.