April 17, 2003  ·  Lessig

Today, Les Vadasz will announce his retirement from Intel, effective June 1. We owe this extraordinary man a great deal.

Vadasz was a founding member of Intel in 1968. He has been a founding member of the small but growing (and exceptionally important) group of IT executives who understand the threat to innovation that this current “war” (the copyright war) presents.

Vadasz became famous to the public when he had the temerity to standup to Senator Hollings’ abuse. But his real work has not been in the public’s eye. It has been the person to person campaign that he has been waging in the valley, waking these good folks up to policy questions that they wish would just go away.

They won’t go away. Nor do I expect that Vadasz will. Instead, his work � from helping to build a company like Intel, to helping to remind Democrats and the world of the importance of free speech and consumer rights to innovation and growth � will remain: as a challenge to us, and an example to others.

Mr. Vadasz, thank you. (Path to email link here).