April 13, 2003  ·  Lessig

Dave has posted instructions for placing a Creative Commons license in the RSS feed generated from a Manila weblog.

This is great news. We have launched a campaign to build a layer of reasonable copyright law in a world increasingly defined by the extremes. CC tags — marks expressing freedom beyond fair use — is an important first step. Web logs have been the most important early adopters. With Movabletype, and now Userland, the most active and vibrant community on the web is beginning to show the rest something between the extremes.

  • http://cyborgwoman.blogspot.com Clancy Ratliff

    I’m writing a paper about Weblogs with Creative Commons licenses. Your posts, as well as The Future of Ideas, have been a great help. I’m in John Logie’s class, so I’ll be talking to you online Monday night!