March 28, 2003  ·  Lessig

As most no doubt know, Dave has brought weblogs to Harvard’s Berkman Center, which is extraordinarily great news. Today the Harvard weblog adopted the Creative Commons technology for expressing just how free their weblog content is. More great news. Martin Schwimmer, trademark and ICANN maven, is struggling with the same issues�though he chose words to say what the CC license says with code. And now, I learn, he will use CC licenses as well.

Alas, weaning the lawyers from their words proves harder than the programmers. Maybe the generation of lawyers that Dave influences will be different.

  • Dave Winer

    Right on, thanks for the flow Larry!!

  • Seth Finkelstein

    “Alas, weaning the lawyers from their words proves harder than the programmers”

    Yes – however I think this is not about words _per se_, but that lawyers
    don’t ever want to give up a right if they can avoid it. In contrast,
    all the time, programmers are faced with agreements giving up all
    their rights (n.b.: agreements written by lawyers!). So if it’s
    a choice between putting one’s work in common, or letting it be
    locked-up in corporate machinations, that’s not too tough. But
    as lawyers are often the ones carrying out the corporate machinations,
    they’re much less likely to be willing to forego that game.

  • squid

    how do you make the first comment on a blog entry.
    below each entry, I see ane eg

    posted on [ Mar 31 03 at 12:06 PM ] to [ ideas ]


    posted on [ Mar 26 03 at 4:41 AM ] to [ ] [ 9 comments ]

    but never a

    posted on [ 2003 April 01 at 4:41 AM ] to [ tuition ] [ 0 comments ]

    so how do i comment on a post which has no comments.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he doesn’t want comments for those entries that have no comment link.

    You can work around it by modifying the entry_id on the url above. For example,

    will take you to a comment about the entry that mentions the “To every cow its calf” story about St. Columba and King Diarmait, which comment was offered even though the blog invites no comments on that entry.

  • Trevor Hill

    Well, I begin law school this fall, after having graduated CMU in CS in ’98. I’m not sure I agree much with the linux/OSS crowd on these issues though… ;)