March 25, 2003  ·  Lessig

Donna “Copyfight” Wentworth is blogging Harvard Berkman Center’s iLaw program here in Brazil. The Berkman Center does this every six months or so, at least once a year in a very interesting place — and this will qualify as the most amazing place for many years. Yesterday, John Perry Barlow and Brazil’s Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, debated the economics of culture. Barlow is in great form, and Gil is an extraordinary speaker. Most extraordinary was to hear him quote Jefferson and Barlow in Portuguese.

So we’re trying to focus on Internet Law, but the truth is, it is impossible to be here, as an American, without the war raining down everywhere. Barlow sits next to me browsing war webpages. Student’s won’t stop asking. And I, ever wanting to believe, remain stumped.

Then there are minor wars: I’ve been asked not to praise MIT in the way I did. The reality of this world: one can do good, but others can’t talk about it.