January 10, 2003  ·  Lessig

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request yesterday. My inbox and comment box are now deluged with fantastic ideas, and I’m now way behind in responding. Please don’t stop with the ideas. I’ll catch up in the replies soon. But thank you. I am astonished by the generosity.

Aaron once wondered what he should do with his life. Option 4 was answer email (3069 in his inbox). This is a worthy discipline for anyone, though we need a norm of slack for email. I’d love a script that posted the number of emails in my inbox and the average time to reply just so I don’t inadvertently insult someone who’s used to conversing with Mitch.

More soon, but thanks again for the help. And to pass the time quickly, I recommend Cory‘s book.

  • http://justlooking.recursion.org Luke Francl

    Danny O’Brien has a webpage that shows just what you’re asking for:


    The graph is updated based on how much email he has received. I suppose if the green line (unread mail) gets too large, you weigh whether or not emailing him is worthwhile.