December 19, 2002  ·  Lessig

So just back to Japan after a quick trip to San Francisco to help many many extraordinary people launch Creative Commons. The event was fantastic, especially the Flash that explains our Licensing Project. Watch the flash, and check out the site. We are eager for feedback, and for ideas about where to go next.

I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to everyone who made this happen. I am especially grateful to creators who have run with the licenses right away—heroes such as Cory Doctorow (who will be releasing under a CC license the entire text of his amazing book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom as a free, freely redistributable e-book on January 9th. But buy the book as a present. It is the best novel I’ve read in years), and Peter Wayner (who has licensed his Free for All under a CC license), and Tim O’Reilly (the first adopter of the “Founders’ Copyright”).

It is no accident that those who understand this are those closest to technology. Our challenge will be to find ways to explain it so other creators get it as well. If you have ideas, or ideas for new projects, please let us know. Our single, overarching aim: build the public domain, by building projects that expand the range of creative work available for others to build upon.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. And check on this channel for more news as the project develops.

  • Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan

    Dear Prof Lessig,

    I am a fan of you and had been reading this web-log space for quite sometime.

    I have a suggestion. Though Flash is a good idea to convey the CreativeCommon’s mission, Flash is propreitary and very very Free-Software-Un-Friendly. So it will really be defeating if someone has to use a propreitary Flash component to view something which promotes ideas like that of CreativeCommons.

    So I suggest you use an alternative (I don’t know any alternative!). May be just PNG files will do. I guess PNG can handle animations.

    Ramakrishnan .. a Free Software developer and enthusiast.

  • s woodside

    My problems with the CC licenses: no option to prevent my name from being used in promotion (see BSD license), the licenses (full text) seem overly complex, verbose, and repetitive to me.