November 12, 2002  ·  Lessig

I’m in Japan for the fall, so I was eager to see MovieLink come online (not much on Japanese tv for a language-idiot like myself). As I was told by someone from the other side, MovieLink was intended to remove the “excuse” people had for “stealing” movies online — once a “cheap, fast system” was offered, there was no good reason not to pay. So does that mean that because non-Americans, and non-MicrosoftOS users don’t have a way to access MovieLink, they have an excuse to “steal”?

This should be a general rule: If you don’t make it cross-platform compatible, you’re not welcome on the Internet.

  • Brad Ackerman

    Wowow has lots of American shows: Sex and the City, Felicity, CSI, Friends, Third Watch, Dawson’s Creek, The Sopranos (currently in reruns), South Park… Press the “bilingual” button on your remote control and enjoy the original language track.