November 12, 2002  ·  Lessig

Doug Isenberg, whose and its companion Guide are a great resource, sent along some more examples of awful wireless marketing.

From Doug:

(1) T-Mobile now offers Wi-Fi service at various locations including Starbucks coffeehouses. The service plans include one called “unlimited,” which apparently it ain’t. Here’s how the plan is described by T-Mobile on the company’s page for “unlimited” service in my hometown of Atlanta: “Get unlimited access within all T-Mobile locations in the Atlanta area for $29.99 per month. Monthly subscription plan includes unlimited monthly minutes within the Atlanta local plan area and 500 monthly MBs of data transfer.”

(2) Sprint PCS now offers an “unlimited” subscription to its new wireless data service, known as “PCS Vision.” However, according to the Sprint PCS Terms and Conditions, here’s what “unlimited” really means: “Unlimited PCS Vision. Sprint may deny or terminate service without notice where use is in connection with server devices or host computer applications, other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, or as substitutes for private lines or frame relay connections.” While some of this seems reasonable, what, exactly, is “continuous heavy traffic or data sessions”?

  • Jason Whittington

    “continuous heavy traffic or data sessions” almost assuredly means “running a popular HTTP or KaZaa server to the point that we notice it and want to shut you down”.

  • Dave

    I thought only in Germany they use bad marketing for phones, but “nice” to see we are “not alone” – happy new year 2004 from Germany.