August 29, 2002  ·  Lessig

Congress has the power to promote the Progress of Science … by securing for limited Times to Authors … exclusive Right to their Writings.

If you take that seriously, then it is just not like building a house. If the government takes your house, it must pay you. This says if the government gives you a copyright, it must, after a “limited Time” take it away.

Sifry nicely summarizes the argument (which has been remarkably civil) and David raises the ultimate question: How long? I still like Justice Story’s formula: “at as early a period as possible.”

Graham and Zerbe have a nice piece that doesn’t exist here, but in which they try to estimate how long is long enough. Answer: surprisingly short.

Economically Efficient Treatment of Computer Software: Reverse Engineering, Protection, and Disclosure” (with Lawrence D. Graham), Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Review, 22(1), 1996, pp. 61-142.

Back to taking “limited Times” way too seriously …

  • Damian Light

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